What is Wood Badge?


Wood Badge is a leadership training course. Wood Badge courses aim to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills, and by creating a bond and commitment to the Scouting movement. Courses generally have a combined classroom and practical outdoors-based phase followed by a Wood Badge ticket, also known as the project phase. By "working the ticket", participants put their newly gained experience into practice to attain ticket goals aiding the Scouting movement.

About Wood Badge 133


Wood Badge 133 will be taking place from August 16th through 22nd, 2020 in Cimarron, New Mexico at Philmont Training Center.

Come experience the highest quality of leadership development delivered by high caliber Scouters who have a passion, vision and mission to ensure that all youth within the Boy Scouts of America get the trained adult leaders they deserve.



Hear from previous participants of the Philmont Wood Badge course and how their experience influenced who they are today.



2019-2020 Created by Kirstin Dodd for the Best Wood Badge course ever, WB133